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Manage environment specific variables in Power Automate ALM Process.

This post is about how to manage variables whose value can change depending upon under which environment it's running.

I'm going to take a scenario which i faced , i had an integration sync layer between CDS and KUSTO db just using the power automate, and one of the requirements of that sync was , whenever there is new data in CDS flowing from KUSTO notify the appropriate stakeholder with the details of new records created.

The only challenge was stakeholders for dev , test , UAT and PROD were different.

There are many ways traditionally used in CRM to achieve this but in power automate one such hidden feature is to use GUID of your environment.

Note this will only work if you know GUID of your environments which are easy to identify from URL.

When you select the desired environment in power automate portal you will see the below URL and highlighted part is your environment GUID.

Note: Ignore my extensions :P

Once you know your environment variables , you can use this expression in if condition to determine the environmental context during runtime:


once done then you can assign known environment specific values to your variables (in my example email address ) and for unknown set a default.

Hope you find this information useful.

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