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Concurrency Control In Scheduled Power Automate

There can be scenarios where we have Power Automate/ logic apps running every Minutes/hour/day etc , and what this does sometimes is interfere with your previous ongoing run.

In my scenarios i wanted to update certain contacts every hour with a dynamic rating , and over the time contact list grew and my flow started running for more than an hour , this messed up the data from previous ongoing run.

To prevent this from occurring you need to follow a singleton design principle.

To avoid this you can use Concurrency Control in Power Automate Scheduled triggers and force it to set to 1 like below:

Note as per Product Guidelines:

Concurrency Control

Limit number of concurrent runs of the flow, or leave it off to run as many as possible at the same time.

Concurrency control changes the way new runs are queued. It cannot be undone once enabled.

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